November 28, 2007

My first Android App was going to be a simple little map integration that I lovingly named “Where Am I?”.  It was a modest idea, I just wanted to improve the user experience of getting directions on your mobile by eliminating the need to enter a starting location.  But, predictably, Google beat me to it.  With the release of Google Mobile Maps 2.0, Google now calculates your starting location automatically.  Ok, fine, so they figured out how to use handset GPS, big deal…my friend Kenan is always telling my how location-based services are still a ways off because only 15% of the cell phone market is GPS-enabled.   But Google just took a step towards solving that problem for us.  If you have GPS, great, they’ll use it to accurately pinpoint your location.  No GPS…no big deal, they just triangulate your location based on your relative location to cell phone towers.  WTF, I thought triangulation was just for spy movies and the CIA….now it’s for me too.


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